See how giving up just a few everyday items can help you save big.


Small change, big savings

Select how many of each item you could give up to see how this could add up:

Click on any of the icons above to see how prices of typical everyday items add up over the years. Think about how putting these small amounts towards your super could make a big difference to you.

Based on investing this monthly amount into [INVESTMENT_CHOICE] fund and assuming [INVESTMENT_RETURN]% growth over a [YEARS_TO_RETIREMENT] year period.

Additional savings


Now that you’ve seen what small amounts spent on everyday items add up to in the future, it might be a good time to make more out of your savings and head towards a brighter future with ESSSuper.

To find out more about your options and the next steps for making additional contributions to your super:

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Disclaimer and assumptions

This calculator is provided by the Emergency Services Superannuation Board ABN 28 161 296 741 the Trustee of the Emergency Services Superannuation Scheme ABN 85 894 637 037 (ESSSuper). The information contained in this calculator is of a general nature only. Before making a decision about an ESSSuper product, you should consider the appropriateness of the product to your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. It may also be beneficial to seek professional advice from a licensed financial planner or adviser. An ESSSuper PDS is available at esssuper.com.au or by calling 1300 655 476.

The ESSSuper small change modeller (calculator) aims to help our member’s learn about the value of super and how small changes today can make an impact on your retirement income in the future. Designed to be simple to use, this tool aims to be a valuable step in your financial education, allowing you to put the value of super in daily context.

The calculator is not intended to be relied on for the purposes of making a decision in relation to a financial product, including a decision in relation to a particular superannuation fund or strategy. ESSSuper has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the calculator results but does not accept liability for acts or omissions based on its content.

ESSSuper is not related to Anthony Hodges Consulting Ltd (AHC). Neither ESSSuper, nor the Victorian Government, guarantee or endorse any products or advice provided by AHC, or are responsible for any actions of AHC.

Calculator Assumptions

Savings are assumed to be added as regular, after-tax monthly contributions into a savings account. Any contribution limits relating to a specific savings account are ignored. The calculator assumes all contributions can be saved without any additional tax or fees.

The costs of the everyday items are estimates and do not necessarily represent the exact cost to you if you were to give up the item, at the specified frequency, as represented in the calculator. The cost of each everyday item shown in the calculator is assumed to remain the same for the duration of the savings period. The effects of inflation on the cost of the item is ignored meaning the increase in savings is shown in today’s terms.

The investment returns used in the calculator of 2%, 5%, 7% are after tax and after fees. These returns broadly profile the average long term returns for each of the selected risk profiles. This calculator does not make any assumptions about the effect of inflation or changes in fees or tax over the quoted period.