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Our Values

October 26 2021

So what makes us, us? Our Values...

At ESSSuper, we exist to provide better retirement outcomes for our members. This is why our members remain at the core of everything we do.

This philosophy extends to our people and culture.

Our values are what we stand for as an organisation - they guide how we work and the decisions we make.

The values that help differentiate us are:


“I have worked at ESSSuper as a Superannuation Consultant for just over a year. ESSSuper is an amazing place to work. The culture is fantastic and it’s great to work with people that care about their company and doing a good job.”

Superannuation Consultant

“The things I enjoy most about working at ESSSuper are the people, the environment, the variety of work as well as the challenges and opportunities. ESSSuper cares about its members who have been involved in serving our community through our emergency services and state public sector workers.”

Manager Business Support & Reporting

“Throughout my career at ESSSuper I have been fortunate enough to secure many opportunities to grow with roles in people management in operations and member facing teams, all of which have provided me with many challenges and have been personally rewarding ”

Manager Member Education

“I joined ESSSuper in October 2007, starting as a consultant in the member service centre. During my time here, I have been lucky enough to have had many opportunities to grow and develop. ESSSuper is like a family the staff are friendly and supportive. A great place to work”

Manager Employer Relationship and Data Quality

“Our values are at the fore front of everything we do and it is so rewarding working for a successful and reputable superannuation company and assisting our members in various stages of their life and helping them in retirement”

Superannuation Consultant

“I have been with the company for over 30 years, the work environment is fun, challenging, stimulating, team orientated and provides ample opportunities for staff to make a real difference. ”

Manager Business Support & Reporting
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