Our people

April 22 2021

There are over 150 employees at ESSSuper and every one of them is integral to the fund. Here's a little bit of information about who they are and how they're involved in running your fund.

The Board

The Board's role is to make sure the fund is run in the best interests of the Fund, contributing employers and its members. The ESSSuper Board comprises six member elected Members and six Government appointed Members.

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Executive Team

Our Executive team has extensive experience and knowledge. The team plays a fundamental role in delivering the best possible retirement outcomes for you.

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The Teams

Our organisation is made up of divisions working together to create an overall service experience and culture of excellence. The divisions include Corporate Services, Member Engagement, Member Strategy, Investments and Trustee Services. Each of our employees is recruited to be a part of the team and for their ability to contribute to your retirement outcomes.