Help for Other Employers

April 25 2024

ESSSuper is a non-public offer fund. This means membership is limited to people who meet specific eligibility criteria.

We offer accumulation and defined benefit plans to those eligible to join. Generally, non-participating employers can only contribute to our Accumulation Plan, not our Defined Benefit Funds.

Many of our members have a defined benefit fund with us but all members are eligible to set up an Accumulation Plan account. This means that any Superannuation Guarantee contributions, if applicable, and/or member contributions can be paid to this account.

All current ESSSuper members and their spouses are eligible to set up an Accumulation Plan account, so please ensure your employee(s) have an Accumulation Plan account with ESSSuper before contributing on their behalf.

Learn more about how to make contributions to ESSSuper for your employee(s).