Help for Other Employers

February 23 2017

Non-Government Employers

If you are a non participating employer (i.e. not an emergency services or Government employer) submitting "Choice of Fund" Superannuation Guarantee and or member contributions on behalf of ESSSuper members, you currently have the ability to do so via BPAY and EFT however legislative change may dictate which payment method can be utilised.

ESSSuper Accumulation Plan is not a public offer fund, with eligibility criteria for members joining the fund. If you have an eligible (or existing) ESSSuper member and you are not an Emergency Services or State Government employer, contributions can only be made to our Accumulation Plan.

Many of our members have a defined benefit fund with us but all members are eligible to set up an Accumulation Plan account. This means that they can have Superannuation Guarantee contributions paid to this account.

If you have more than 5 employees, are you being SuperStream compliant?