We apologise to our members for the extended hold/wait times and delays to withdrawals from defined benefit accounts. We expect to resolve most issues by the end of May 2022 and are confident the majority will be resolved much sooner. Please read our service update for more information.

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Responsible Investment Approach

May 25 2022

 Accumulation Fund

Our mission is to help our members who make or have made an essential contribution to the community achieve their superannuation and retirement goals.  We acknowledge that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have the potential to affect the financial performance of our investments and accordingly, we observe the principles for responsible investing to integrate the consideration of these factors with our investment process.

Some examples of ESG issues which may impact investments include:

Environmental Social Governance
Climate change Management of labour relations Company board composition
Pollution Workplace health and safety Executive remuneration
Sustainable real estate Supply chain management Proxy voting
Cleantech energy Workplace diversity Conflicts of interest

Our responsible investment approach seeks to integrate the analysis of ESG risks and opportunities through our broader investment processes. We also seek to maximise alignment with the companies we invest in by voting on company resolutions and promoting responsible investment through collaboration on responsible investment initiatives with our peers and industry bodies. ESSSuper is a signatory to the United Nation’s supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative, the Investor Group for Climate Change and CDP (previously known as the Carbon Disclosure Project). 

We also strive to provide transparency on our responsible investment activities through our communications to our members, primarily through our website content and related publications. ESSSuper's Responsible Investment Policy (PDF 240.4KB).