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Investment options

Investment option name changes

The names of six of our nine investment options changed on 1 July 2023:

Investment option name until 30 June 2023 Investment option name from 1 July 2023
High Growth Growth
Basic Growth Balanced Growth
Growth (default option) Balanced (default option)
Balanced Conservative
Conservative Capital Stable
Ethically Minded Ethical Diversified

Additionally, all investment options have been reclassified. For more information, please refer to our Investment option name and classification changes news article, or the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.


You may have certain goals for your retirement. That's why we offer different investment options (below), each with a different level of risk and return. Investment choice is available for Accumulation Plan, Beneficiary Account, and Income Stream members.

If you don't make a choice, your benefit and investment earnings will be invested in the default investment option, Balanced (previously named Growth). If you are unsure which investment option is best for you, have a look at the Investment Risk Profiler on the Calculators page of our website.

From 1 July 2023, our investment options are classified as either:

  • Diversified options, or
  • Single asset class options.

Diversified options

Diversified options invest your super across a range of asset classes to ensure returns are not reliant on just one type of asset. This is called diversification and it ensures you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is one of the best-known strategies to help lower your investment risk and generate more stable returns.


Single asset class options

An investment option with a single asset class means that all the risk of returns for that option relies on the performance of that one type of asset. For example, the Shares Only option is solely driven by the volatility of the share market. On the other hand, the Cash option is much lower risk because it is solely invested in cash.


Things to consider...

Download our Thinking of changing investment options? brochure for more information.


Changing your investment options

Everyone is different, that's why we have different, carefully selected options you can choose from to help you reach your retirement goals. By selecting just one option, or a combination of options, you can tailor your investments to match your needs and reach your long term goals.

Important: Keep in mind that super is a long term investment and investment performance can fluctuate. With every investment, there are risks. Generally, the higher the potential return, the higher the level of risk. You should consider the information with the PDS before making a choice about your investments.

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