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We have a proud history of working with our members, just like you, to help them understand their super and achieve their retirement goals. We are your superannuation partner now and into retirement.

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Invest a little time now to plan for your retirement, and you’ll be rewarded with a happier, more satisfying future.

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Women and super: the facts

Many women, retire with less retirement income than men. It’s important to understand what you can do to maximise your benefit. 

Grow your super

Will your super be enough for your retirement?

You can still make a big difference

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Here are three simple steps you can take

  • Step 1: Check your super savings regulary
  • Step 2: Rollover all your super accounts into one
  • Step 3: Plan to save more


1Satistics are from The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) Retirement Standard benchmarks. Information for consumers on the ASFA Retirement Standard can be found on ASFA’s consumer website, Super Guru.

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A little can go a long way

Did you know members of the ESSSuper New Scheme who have a history of contributing at the maximum rate receive greater benefits, including disability benefits, than if they contributed at a lower rate? New Scheme member have a choice of contributing 0%, 3%, 5% and 7% (based on post-tax salary).


In 2015/2016 the average retirement balance for men was $270,170 and $157,050 for women (retirement age assumed to be between 60 to 64 years of age).*

See for yourself the impact different contribution rates can make to your retirement and disability benefits. Login to Members Online to see, and if you want, change your contribution rate. Limits apply to super contributions and exceeding government contribution caps may mean you pay additional tax.

*Superannuation account balances by age and gender, Ross Clare, Director of Research, ASFA. October 2017.

Benefits of an ESSSuper Accumulation Plan

Having multiple super accounts can make it difficult to keep track of your super and it means you’ll likely be paying multiple sets of fees and costs. The Accumulation fund can make this process easier and less hassle1.

Benefits of having Accumulation Plan alongside your Defined Benefit (DB) fund include:

  • make additional personal contributions to boost your super.
  • apply for additional insurance (on top of the built-in death and disability benefits that’s part of your DB).
  • it can go where ever you go because it accepts super contributions from other employers.

Rolling over is easy, all you need to do is consolidate your super through Members Online, or complete a "Transfer your super form" for each super fund and send the completed forms back to us. We do all the hard work to make sure all your money is safely secured in your ESSSuper account.


The ATO live SuperMatch has been temporarily suspended. The ATO are working with the industry to implement some additional controls on usage. Whilst this is being undertaken, the service will remain unavailable. If you wish to consolidate your super, you may enter your other Funds details in manually via Members Online. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Please note when you rollover your super from another fund it is possible that the other fund may charge an exit fee or penalties and cancellation may affect your insurance cover.

Use this form to rollover your super2

Transfer your super (Rollover) (PDF 121.6KB)

1. This information is general only. Before making a decision about an ESSSuper product, you should read the applicable PDS or handbook and consider the appropriateness of the product to your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. You can access all of our publications here. It may also be beneficial to seek professional advice from a licensed financial planner or adviser.

2. You should check any relevant exit fees you may incur, or any insurance arrangements that may be forfeited, or any other effects this transfer may have on your benefits, before rolling your money into our fund.


Our doors are open to spouses and partners

Did you know spouses and partners of current ESSSuper members are eligible to open an Accumulation Plan or Income Stream account.

With an Accumulation Plan your spouse may choose to have their employer make Superannuation Guarantee contributions, Salary sacrifice or choose to make extra contributions directly into this account. They will also then be eligible for other benefits that are enjoyed by ESSSuper Accumulation Plan members like you, including access to our award winning Income Streams, insurance, and investment options.

Find out more about how our Accumulation Plan or an Income Stream can work for your spouse.

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Benefits in ESSSuper’s Accumulation Plan, Income Streams and Beneficiary Account products are not guaranteed or underwritten by the Victorian Government or ESSSuper, and ESSSuper does not come under the jurisdiction of the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.  ESSSuper comes under the jurisdiction of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Before making any decisions about ESSSuper products or services, you should read the applicable PDS or Handbook. You can access all of our publications here. There are maximum limits on before and after tax contributions which are set by the Government, and if these limits are exceeded you may be liable for additional tax. It is important that you monitor your contribution levels as they may change from year to year. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement relevant to your particular fund, available from ESSSuper, for more information.

Graeme – Retired Ex-Police Dog Handler

What makes you happiest/When are you the happiest?
Since retiring I can’t recall a time when I haven’t been happy. If I had to provide a time it would be when I’m with the Grandchildren or playing golf.

How do you recharge?
By getting away to Cape Paterson. It’s a great spot all year round.

If you weren’t a Police Officer what do you think you would have done?
I would have probably continued as a Refrigeration Mechanic, that was my trade before joining the Police Force.

What does retirement look like for you?
Retirement for my wife and me - putting my concerns aside from the current economic climate – is spending time with the Grandchildren and travel. We like to travel in winter and discover Australia.

If you could have any super power what would it be?
To foresee the future would be pretty cool.

If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, what would it be?
It would be something futuristic and space related.

Why did you choose your profession?
I believe I was slightly influenced by memories I had of an old next-door neighbour who was a Police Officer.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

What are your thoughts when you think about your Super?
In theory great and I believe it’s a good idea to invest in your Super. I would just like the Government to leave it alone and allow some stability.

What was your biggest challenge in your role as a Police Officer?
I’d probably say that it was dealing with members of the public that sit on the fringe, they are only looking out for themselves and very hard to reason with.

What did you enjoy most about being a Police Officer?
In the Dog Squad especially, it was the independence. The ability to make decisions on the go whilst having the support of the Force and also the feeling of contributing and adding value.

What’s something surprising about being a Police Officer that people may not know?
Being in the Dog Squad it was the misconception that I was a dog catcher! I know, it’s ridiculous.

Is it true that once a Police Officer always a Police Officer?

If you could offer one piece of advice about superannuation and retirement what would it be?
Put in as much as you can afford at that time, every cent counts in the end. And when in retirement, don’t be greedy.