Freedom of Information

October 23 2018

Access to your personal information and Freedom of Information

Members have the right to access and correct personal information we hold about them. This right is subject to some exceptions, and we may be permitted to charge for providing access to this information.

Under legislation ESSSuper is required to provide access to the contents of any medical report we obtain after 1 July 2010 within 28 days of receiving it. There are some exceptions to this obligation (including where the report was given to us in confidence or we believe that providing the report would pose serious threat to life or health).

Requests for access to personal information are generally processed under the Freedom of Information Act 1982. Under that Act we may refuse access on certain grounds, including where providing access may affect the privacy or the commercial or financial interests of others.

The current FOI application fee is $28.40. The level of the fee is prescribed by the Victorian Government and is increased on 1 July each year.

Applications for access and correction of personal information must be in writing and should be addressed to:


The Freedom of Information Officer
GPO Box 1974
Melbourne VIC 3001

 Your request for information should clearly describe the documents you wish to access and provide sufficient detail to enable the document you are seeking to be identified.

If you believe that there are errors in the information we hold, please let us know and we will investigate and, if necessary, correct any inaccuracies.