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November 29 2023

Want to speak to someone? Our Superannuation Consultants are your first point of call. We can assist you in a video call to find the information you need. Just click the Contact us button below. Our expertise is always close at hand.

Planning retirement or changing jobs?

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As an ESSSuper member, you also have access to our experienced Member Education Consultants who see thousands of our members each year. Contact us today to discuss your circumstances and decide if you need an appointment.

The team of Member Education Consultants have specific expertise with the intricacies of your fund and can provide general advice about even the most complex questions you have about your super.

They can make planning for your future easier by:

  • helping you understand your benefit
  • explaining your resignation and retirement options
  • discussing ways you and your partner can boost your super savings
  • providing more information about our products

Member Education Consultants are available to conduct webinars, or you can make an individual appointment to have an online consultation in a video call.

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Making an appointment

If you'd like to start with a webinar, view our topic listing and timetable here.

If your workplace has a group of ESSSuper members who would like a consultant to visit, or if you'd like to schedule a face-to-face personal appointment in our offices - simply contact us.


Do you need personalised financial advice?

General advice about the products and options available at ESSSuper can be provided by one of our Member Education Consultants. For many members, this is often one of the first steps to gain a greater understanding of their super and it can provide enough information to help you feel comfortable in making decisions about your super.

However, you might need more. If you'd like us to consider your personal financial circumstances or objectives, and provide advice specific to your personal financial situation, we can refer you to one of our Financial Advisers1.


1. ESSSuper Financial Advisers are authorised representatives of Link Advice Pty Ltd (Link Advice). Link Advice holds a current Australian Financial Services Licence No. 258145 and is responsible for the financial services provided to you.  ESSSuper has an arrangement with Link Advice Pty Ltd to provide financial advice to ESSSuper members. ESSSuper pays Link Advice a fee for this service. Neither the Board, nor the Victorian Government, guarantee or endorse any recommendations made by Link Advice, or are responsible for the advice and actions of Link Advice.