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To help you easily manage your account with us, we have arranged our forms and transactions into categories.

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Beneficiary nomination (or change) forms

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Superannuation fund members can make a non-binding beneficiary nomination online:


Cash withdrawal request

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You can now make a partial cash withdrawal easily online:

Change or update your details (including advising TFN)

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These transactions can be completed online:

Claim a benefit


Contribute to super

Update on the Victorian Government's Stage 4 restrictions

The ESSSuper service centre will continue to operate throughout Stage 4 restrictions. Our digital capability enables us to service our members and ensure all applications and cash withdrawal requests continue to be processed within our standard timeframes.

Please note, following COVID-19 work restrictions we will no longer accept or issue cheques, with all payments now processed online consistent with our digital transformation strategy. Members’ EFT details will be required to process payments. To update your details please complete the relevant ‘Cash Withdrawal’ form

Members can make contributions to ESSSuper accounts at any time through BPAY. To find your BPAY details please log into your Members Online account.

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These transactions can be completed online:


Family Law guides & forms

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Insurance forms

Investment choice forms

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These transactions can be completed online:


Other forms

Important notice: Choice of fund – information sheet (ES142)

After completing the Choice of fund form with your details, please give it to your employer. Do not send this completed form to ESSSuper or the Australian Taxation Office. Your employer does not need to register with ESSSuper to make contributions. Employers should refer to our Making contributions page for more information.

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These transactions can be completed online:



Employer forms

Employer Direct

These transactions can be completed online: