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Members Online

October 26 2021

Your super details are available securely online, whenever you need them, on any device.

Through Members Online you can access:

  • Your account details
  • AssistMe tool and resources
  • Contributions
  • Investment performance and switching
  • Super consolidation
  • Insurance
  • Past annual benefit statements
  • Beneficiary nominations (and update non-binding)
  • Cash withdrawals (if eligible)
  • Your secure inbox.

What is AssistMe?

Available through Members Online, AssistMe is a smart, easy-to-use interactive tool we've developed to show you possible retirement income forecasts.

Created with direct input from our members, AssistMe lets you change factors such as your income, risk appetite, contributions, working hours, and retirement date to model your desired retirement income forecast. A wealth of information, tools, and other resources are also available to help explain the complexities of super.

AssistMe is all about empowering you to take control of your retirement journey.


Get your super together

Did you know that when any super fund, including ESSSuper, receives two pieces of unclaimed or returned mail, you may be regarded as a 'lost member'? This means the super fund may not send any more correspondence to you and your super may be transferred to the ATO.

Update your contact details and communication preferences online

Through Members Online you can bring any super you have with other super funds into your ESSSuper account in a few simple steps. Getting your super together can help you save on multiple fees, but before transferring your money in you should check any insurance arrangements that may be forfeited, or any other effects this transfer may have on your benefits.

Consolidate your super

What do I need to get started?

Just have your member number handy when you register for the site. You'll be prompted to confirm your identity for security and, in just three steps, you'll have full access to the features of your Members Online account.

How do I benefit?

Members Online helps us serve you better by delivering fast and full access to your account 24/7. You can easily view and make changes to your super details online, and we're working to add even more features to the site, reducing your need to complete paper forms and allowing us to process your requests more efficiently.

What about security online?

Importantly, you can be confident that Members Online is secure. We take protecting your privacy online very seriously and use a variety of security features and processes to ensure the security of your personal information. Remember, you can help too by regularly changing your password and taking steps to protect your own security online.