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ESSSuper Support through COVID-19
5 August 2020 General | ESSSuper
During this time of uncertainty, it is normal to feel anxious about the world around you. Whilst we navigate through these times it is important to prioritise mental health and wellbeing.
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ESSSuper Considering options in difficult economic times
27 July 2020 Financial advice | Investments | Significant events | ESSSuper
During times of economic uncertainty, it’s natural to consider switching your superannuation investment options. However while markets can be unpredictable, they typically recover over the longer term. Investment insights can help you understand your ...
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ESSSuper Working Income Stream and Retirement Income Stream minimum drawdown rate
17 July 2020 Significant events | ESSSuper
Some members may recall that we contacted them in April 2020 to tell them that the Government has temporarily reduced superannuation minimum drawdown requirements for account-based pensions as part of its coronavirus response.
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ESSSuper COVID-19 and early access to super
9 July 2020 General | Significant events | ESSSuper
As part of the Government’s economic response to coronavirus, the Australian Government has recently proposed changes to superannuation legislation allowing individuals affected by the Coronavirus to access up to $10,000 of their superannuation in 20 ...
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ESSSuper Investment Performance Highlights – 26 June 2020
26 June 2020 Financial advice | Investments | Significant events | ESSSuper
Daniel Selioutine, Head of Investments, takes the opportunity to review market activity and the Fund’s performance in light of recent events.
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