PDS and handbooks

December 19 2018

Our Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Handbooks contain detailed information about your fund - such as costs, benefits and risks.

PDS: Accumulation Plan

Incorporated guides

PDS: ESSS Defined Benefit Fund

PDS: Income Streams


PDS: Beneficiary Account

Incorporated guides

Handbooks: State super funds



Disclosure of indirect costs (Accumulation Plan, Beneficiary Account and Income Streams members):

From 30 September 2017, all super funds are required to disclose investment related fees and costs in greater depth. For most investment options, this means that it may look like investment fees have increased, but that’s not the case. What is changing is the way in which we are required to disclose the information to you. The new disclosure requirements for investment fees and costs will not impact on your net crediting rates (after investment fees, costs and tax, where applicable).