Super News

January 2020

A word from the CEO
Welcome to the 2020 summer issue of Super News. In this edition, you’ll find relevant and infor ...
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Male hand moving chess piece
Plan today for the life you want tomorrow
Ask many people nearing retirement age ‘what’s most important for you?’ and it’s no surprise th ...
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Downsize your home to upsize your super
While sky-high house prices may not be great news for some, if you already own your home, you m ...
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Plan your journey to retirement with confidence
When you think of the future and the kind of retirement you want, the numbers can become overwh ...
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Panoramic shot of river in Kimberley
Four great Aussie destinations you just have to visit
When it comes to traveling throughout this diverse unique landscape, there are some places that ...
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Middle-aged couple hugging in the sun
Keeping it in the family
Sharing the decisions about our finances comes naturally to most couples.
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Middle-aged man on the phone
Easy ways to access what you need to know
We believe that understanding your super is the first and most important step towards achieving ...
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Father and son smiling in a mirror
A message from future you
Have you ever wondered whether the contributions you’re making now will be enough to build the ...
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Two female police officers standing
The Superannuation Legislation Amendment Act 2019
ESSSuper Defined Benefit members now have even more ways to maximise their retirement benefits, ...
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Firefighter speaks with colleague in front of firetruck
The effect of bushfires
Facing any kind of emergency takes a lot of courage.
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2020 Vision
As we start the new decade of the twenties, it’s a great time to think about your current situa ...
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Experts at what we do
We're a super fund for you
While ESSSuper is one of Australia’s biggest super funds, we’re not a fund for everybody.
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