Super News

July 2019

A word from the CEO
Welcome to the 2019 winter issue of Super News. In this edition, you’ll find relevant and infor ...
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Plan your journey to retirement with confidence
AssistMe - Now giving over 43,000 members even more ways to plan their journey to retirement!
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What was it like to retire in 1950?
In the 1950s life was simpler. And that can seem attractive when we compare it to today’s busy, ...
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Plan today to enjoy tomorrow
Many people think retirement is about stopping work. But it’s more helpful to think of it as mo ...
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Discover where la dolce vita meets the bush
Victoria has many tourist hotspots from city laneways to penguins and apostles. But there’s a l ...
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The things they didn’t teach you in school
They probably didn’t teach you much about super in school. Which is a missed opportunity, becau ...
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How does your ESSSuper Defined Benefit Fund work?
Do you understand how your ESSuper Defined Benefit Fund (ESSS DB) works?
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Quarterly Investment Commentary
Karan Bedi, Investment Analyst, takes the opportunity to review market activity and the Fund’s ...
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It pays to pay attention
For most of us, super is one of the largest assets we’ll ever own. So it makes sense to pay a l ...
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What have we learnt from the GFC?
It’s now 10 years since the Global Financial Crisis spread panic and devastation through invest ...
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What is good advice worth?
We all have ideas about how to make the most of our money. But is DIY the way to go, or does it ...
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Don’t leave the future to chance
It’s a subject no one really wants to discuss. What if you were to pass away unexpectedly? How ...
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