To ensure contributions are allocated to an ESSSuper account in the 2023-24 financial year, please submit your payment by 5:00pm on 14 June 2024.

Members can find their BPAY contribution details in Members Online. Employers should make payments through Employer Online.

We no longer accept cheques or EFTs, and you should contact us if you have any queries.

Five years from retirement

May 23 2024

Retirement is getting closer. Perhaps you've chosen the date, started some new interests and are planning that big trip. There's a lot to consider and you want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions.




Review your plans and how much money you'll need to live the life you want.


Talk to us. Tell us your estimated retirement age so we can keep in touch with relevant information in the lead up to this key milestone.

With five years to go before retirement, your decisions could be:

  • Do more research online or come to an education event to find out more
  • Boost your super by contributing more
  • Or, if you're ready to ease into retirement, find out how a Working Income Stream can help
  • You may want to start those new interests and hobbies which you'll pursue in retirement.


Know your retirement date?

Call us to let us know and to discuss your options

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