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Stage 3: Contemplative phase

May 25 2022

As we age further, we begin to slow down and our health may start to decline. It’s important to stay as active as we can, and enjoy being with family and friends.

Try to keep participating in activities and social interactions such as attending your local club. And simply take the time to appreciate what a great life you have.


Learn more about:

Financial and legal aspects of retirement

What does your retirement income look like? Are there income support payments or additional benefits you are eligible for? How is a general power of attorney different to a medical power of attorney? And do you have an estate plan in place?


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission designed their MoneySmart website to help you make smart choices about your personal finances.

Click on the links below for:



It's never too early or too late to be eligible for Centrelink assistance. Check the Centrelink website from time to time because eligibility requirements and your personal circumstances may change.

For payments and services that can help at every retirement life stage, click here

Keeping informed and on top of your health

Are you making the most of free and independent online information services available regarding your health? What do you need to consider now to ensure you're the healthiest you can be in retirement?


The government funded Healthinsite website provides very useful information about health services available for your particular life stage.

Click below to learn more about:


Community Services

The Better Health Channel is supported by the State Government of Victoria to provide information services available that may help people live as independently as possible in their community.

For support and services available click here.



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