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Changing jobs

July 16 2024


Starting a new job is an exciting time, and there's lots to do.

Fortunately, it's easy to keep your super together at ESSSuper as you progress through your career, wherever it may take you.

Congratulations on changing jobs

Your options when changing jobs

Accumulation Plan

If you already have an account in our Accumulation Plan and want to stay with us, simply use our Changing jobs function in Members Online to send our choice of fund form (which includes our letter of compliance) to your new employer. Please don't send this form to ESSSuper or the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).


  • If you have a Defined Benefit (DB) membership with a linked Accumulation Plan, please refer to the "Changing jobs with a Defined Benefit fund" section below.
  • Your employer doesn't need to register with ESSSuper to make contributions. Employers should refer to our Making contributions page for more information.


Defined Benefit fund

As a Defined Benefit (DB) member, we offer a range of product options so you can stay with ESSSuper when you change employer, retire, or otherwise cease your DB fund membership:

ESSS DB members may be eligible to open a Beneficiary Account.

For more information, refer to the "Staying with ESSSuper when you leave the ESSS DB Fund" section of the Defined Benefit Fund Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Accumulation Plan details for the standard choice form

Fund ABN: 85 894 637 037

Fund name: ESSSuper Accumulation Plan

Fund address: GPO Box 1974, Melbourne VIC 3001

Fund phone number: 1300 650 161

Fund website address: esssuper.com.au

Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI): ESS0003AU

Please contact us if you need any further information, such as your member number.

Changing jobs with a Defined Benefit fund

You can keep your membership in the ESSS DB Fund if you start a new job as an operational employee of the Victoria Police, Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board, Ambulance Victoria, Country Fire Authority, or in certain positions in the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning.

Otherwise, your new employer won't be able to contribute to your current DB fund (including the Transport Scheme). Most employers pay contributions into an accumulation-style super account, but even if they offer a DB fund they'd have specific rules about where contributions can be paid to.

You must decide what to do with your ESSS DB Fund account within 60 days of leaving your employer. If you don't make a choice, your ESSS DB super benefit will be combined into a lump sum with any linked Accumulation Plan benefit you may have and transferred to a new account in the Accumulation Plan with a new account number. The combined benefits will be taxed benefits in the Growth investment option, and any Accumulation Plan insurance you had will cease.

Everyone’s situation is different, so for more information on this and other Defined Benefit schemes, please contact us.

Other things to consider

If you've had different jobs over your career, you may have some lost super. The ATO’s online Manage my super tool can help you quickly reunite any lost super you may have. Consolidating your super can help you save on multiple fees. Our Accumulation Plan will accept transfers and rollovers from other funds. Simply log into your myGov account and click on Manage my super – it only takes a few minutes and there's no paperwork.

Before opening a new account, you can discuss your personal objectives and financial situation with an expert Member Education Consultant or Financial Adviser*.

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* ESSSuper Financial Advisers are authorised representatives of Link Advice Pty Ltd (Link Advice). Link Advice holds a current Australian Financial Services Licence No. 258145 and is responsible for the financial services provided to you. ESSSuper has an arrangement with Link Advice Pty Ltd to provide financial advice to ESSSuper members. ESSSuper pays Link Advice a fee for this service. Neither the Board, nor the Victorian Government, guarantee or endorse any recommendations made by Link Advice, or are responsible for the advice and actions of Link Advice.

You should check any relevant exit fees you may incur, or any insurance arrangements that may be forfeited, or any other effects this transfer may have on your benefits, before rolling your money into our fund. Benefits in ESSSuper's Accumulation Plan, Income Streams, and Beneficiary Account products are not guaranteed or underwritten by the Victorian Government or ESSSuper, and ESSSuper does not come under the jurisdiction of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. The information contained on this page is of a general nature only. It should not be considered as a substitute for reading ESSSuper's Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) that contains detailed information about ESSSuper products, services and features. Before making a decision about an ESSSuper product, you should consider the appropriateness of the product to your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. It may also be beneficial to seek professional advice from a licensed financial planner or adviser. An ESSSuper PDS is available at esssuper.com.au/pds or by calling 1300 650 161.